All vegetables names in english with pictures

Images Names in english
english vegetable name is bitter gourd Bitter Gourd
red potato is name of the vegetable in english Potato (Red)
english vegetable name is lemon Lemon
carrot is names of vegetables in english Carrot
english vegetable name is tomato Tomato
name of the vegetable in english is cucumber Cucumber
cabbage Cabbage
pointed gourd Pointed Gourd
chili pepper Chili (Green)
spiny gourd Spiny Gourd
okra lady's fingers Okra (Lady's fingers)
bean vegetables Bean
Images Names in english
bottle gourd Bottle Gourd
taro corms Taro corms / Taro root
taro stolons Taro Stolons / Stems
giant taro is a big taro root Giant Taro
angled luffa Angled Luffa / Chinese Okra
winter melon Winter Melon
chili green yellow Chili (Green-yellow)
snake gourd vegetable Snake Gourd
pumpkin black Pumpkin (Black Skin)
cooking plantain Banana (Cooking Plantain)
green eggplant Eggplant (Green Round Shape)
luffa or sponge gourd Luffa or Sponge Gourd
Images Names in english
green papaya Papaya (Green)
water lilies or nymphaeaceae Water Lilies / Nymphaeaceae
different shapes eggplant Eggplant
yellow taro flower for eatting Taro Flower
pumpkin gold black Pumpkin (Gold & Black Shade)
muli english name is daikon or daikon radish Daikon / Daikon Radish
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